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July 11, 1998 - Carl Cox live at the Love Parade in Berlin, broadcasted by BBC Essential Mix



BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix from legend Carl Cox, recorded at the Love Parade in Berlin and  broadcasted on July 19, 1998

From the age of ten Carl Cox spend all his money on soul & funk records. When he moved to Brighton in 1986 he came in contact with Acid House. His breakthrough as a DJ came in 1989 at the open-air event Sunrise in London where, in front of 15,000 people he unveiled his use of three decks. He also played the opening night at Shoom, one of the defining club nights of Britain's house revolution.



Part 1 [61m45s]


Part 2 [60m52s]



Purpose Maker - "Our Man From Havana" (Axis)
Luke Slater - "Class Action" (Novamute)
The Previous - "Source EP" (Tortured)
Tenth Chapter - "Prologue [Continuous Cool Mix]" (Cyber)
Claude Young - "The Darker Places" (DJax Up Beats)
Liberator DJs - "Remember I Was Vapour" (Beggars Banquet)
Club Sandwich - "Music" (Tortured)
Q. Factor - "Heart Attack" (Knee Deep)
Samuel Onerias - "Inter Primate Express" (Primate)
Holy Ghost - "untitled" (Tresor)
Humps - "Mechanism" (Tortured)
The Previous - "Source EP" (Tortured)
Chris Liebing - "No Time To Wase" (Primate)
Mark Williams - "Inception EP" (white label)
Shampale Cartier - "I Got A Man" (Paral.Lel)
Cirrus - "Back On A Mission [DJ Dan Remix]" (Moonshine)
Derek Towell - "Really Say" (Bush)
Hybrid - "Drum Code" (white label)
DJ Funk - "Xtc" (Dance Mania)
Goldrush - "Goldrush [Original Mix]" (Tronic)
Storm - "Storm [Club Mix]" (sony)
Wataru Kashida - "Bush Album LP 1" (Bush)
Thomas Schumacher - "When I Rock" (Bush)
Aubrey - "Straight Ahead" (white label)
Function - "The Dialectic Coefficient" (Infrastructure)
Marco Bailey - "Sweet Box" (white label)
Steve Stoll - "El Dopa" (Proper N.Y.C.)
Ben Tissdall & Daz Saund - "Missile 34" (white label)
D. Clarke & M. Dearborn - "Cars" (Beggars Banquet)
Nico Awtsrentin - "Nu Directions" (Rotation)
CC12 - "Hustler 2" (white label)
Club Sandwich - "Music" (Tortured)
Q Factor - "Heart Attact" (Knee Deep)
Alexi & G - "Generation Doom EP" (Pro Active)
Pamp & Da Knox - "Shake [Dub Mix]" (Underground Construction)
E.B.E. - "Square 2" (Solid Trak)
Ronaldo's Revenge - "Masque Marcada" (AM:PM)
Devil Fish - "The First Eargasm" (Bush)
Jeff Mills - "Purpose Maker 002" (Axis)
The Drum - "untitled" (Soma)
Mark Williams - "Inception EP" (white label)
Nina - "Another One" (Jasper Stone)




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