Warehouse (Chicago)

The Warehouse (or the " House" ) was a nightclub in Chicago, Illinois, which was founded in 1977 and led by Robert Williams

The (chicago) house finds it's origin in this club under the inspiring leadership of the first musical director, Frankie Knuckles. A wide spectrum of dance music was played here, but the most important were surely soul, R'n'B and Disco. Frankie Knuckles experimented a lot with music by mixing disco with European electronic music to create a sound as personal as possible. The acid house probably originated in this place. Frankie Knuckles stood for eight to ten hours behind the turntables.

By all accounts, the Warehouse's final year (in 1982) was also its wildest. The club was consistently packed with teenagers, many of whom were underage.However, when the entrance price was doubled Frankie Knuckles was very displeased and decided to leave the club. He opened his own club "The Power Plant"

After Frankie Knuckles left the place, the club was closed for a couple of months before it reopened under the name Music Box where Ron Hardy became the resident DJ.

These new clubs (and the sudden availability of inexpensive synthesizers and drum machines) set the stage for local producers. In early 1984, electronic dance music by Chicago teenagers began to hit stores and the airwaves.