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1982 - Frankie Knuckles at the Warehouse in Chicago


Recording of Frankie Knuckles in the last year that he played in the Warehouse in Londen. In 1982 he decides to leave the Warehouse because he could bot accept that the entree prices were doubled. He started his own club under the name power plant which stayed open till 1987.

Around 1980 the disco scene was in  a major crisis, because as a result of a large anti-disco campaign record companies decided not to make new records anymore. Although Frankie kept the disco going he had the problem that no new music was available. As a result he began to manipulate existing disco records with mixing techniques which evolved in a new kind of music. He also bought a synthesizer so that he could make even more variation. The new sound quickly became popular and more DJs began to do the same. The "Warehouse" music was soon corrupted to house music.



  1. Yello: Bostich
  2. Forrrce: Keep on Dancin’ [bassline]
  3. Taana Gardner: When You Touch Me
  4. Billy Nichols: Give Your Body Up to the Music
  5. Peech Boys: Don’t Make Me Wait
  6. Sparque: Let’s Go Dancin’
  7. Loose Joints: Is It All Over My Face
  8. People’s Choice: Hey Everybody (Party Hearty)
  9. Forrrce: Keep On Dancin’
  10. Hi Voltage: Somewhere Beyond
  11. Skatt Bros.: Walk The Night
  12. D-Train: Keep On



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