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May 21, 1993 - Sasha and Giulio Cesare at the Ministry of Sound tour at Castle Bellingham, Ireland

Livesets from Sasha and the Italian DJ Giulio Cesare, recorded on Friday May 21, 1993 at the Ministry of Sound tour at Bellingham Castle, Castlebellingham, Co Louth, Ireland. The party was organised by Underground and Mixmag.
It's a rip from a tape released in the UK in 1993 by the Master Mix label, which was also responsible for the "Love of Live" series. On side A DJ and producer Sasha from Wales and on side B Giulio Cesara.


Side A: Sasha [45:56 m]

Side B: Giulio Cesare [47:52 m]


Side A - Sasha
  1. Fluke - Electric Guitar [Circa]
  2. Atlas - Compass Error
  3. Cosmic Baby - Heavens Tears
  4. Stereogen - Hi-Q [Vinyl Addiction]
  5. S1000 - Not Gonna Do It (Blacklodge Mix) [Deep Distraxion]
  6. Orbital - Lush [Internal]
  7. Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars (Rocktastic Mix)
  8. Triad E.P. - Full Flight [Discrete]
Side B - Giulio Cesare
  1. The Siamese Twins - Love Is An Ocean (Ship II) [Adam & Eve]
  2. D Code - Odyssey EP (Acid Test Mix) [Itthree]
  3. Digital Excitation - Lifetime Warranty
  4. Warp 69 - Natural High [Fresh Fruit]
  5. Capricorn - 20Hz (Sounds Like The Goodmen)
  6. Dance 2 Trance - I Belive In The Power Of American Natives
  7. General Base - In Trance (Fluffy Mix) [Next]
  8. Lionrock - Packet Of Peace [Deconstruction]
  9. Gateway Experience - Twin Freaks (Remix) [Stealth] (Sounds Like Moby - Go) Heavy Beat
  10. CJ Bolland - Mantra [R&S]
  11. CJ Bolland - Pendulum [R&S]
  12. Robert Armani - Ambulance 2
  13. ?


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