Omen (Frankfurt)


The Omen, a club in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, was founded in 1988 by Sven Väth, Michael Münzing and Matthias Martinsohn. Originally the club was founded in 1983 as club Vogue. In the Omen the German techno was more or less born and after it's opening in 1988 the club became very popular and a center of the global techno scene.
Big names like Sven Väth, Carl Cox, Frank Lorber, Toni Rios, Gayle San, DJ Dag, Chris Liebing and Jeff Mills played at the Omen

What was often announced happened on October 19, 1998, the Omen closed its doors.
The last track played at Omen was "The Day After" from "Astral Pilot". Three closing parties were held in the last week: On monday, wednesday and finally on the last one, which started on Friday and lasted till monday morning. On Sunday the number of people was so large that a speaker was placed on the street and hunderds of people were dancing in the street in front of the Omen. The police did not intervene, but closed the street for through traffic for a couple of hours

For many, the Omen was a second home. Weekday school or work and at weekends Omen Frankfurt. It was initially inconceivable that the "institution" Omen suddenly was not there anymore.
In order to remember the great time, held every year in October, the so-called Omen Memorial Day (OMD).