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June 1989 - Alfredo & Adamski live at Amnesia, Ibiza



Recording of Alfredo and Adamski at the opening night of club Amnesia, Ibiza in June 1989

DJ Alfredo is one of the pioneers of the dance scene. It was his early morning eclectic sets in Amnesia in 1987 which inspired Danny Rampling and Paul Oakenfold to return to the UK and start their own clubs, which in turn signalled the birth of acid house and the club scene in the UK. He is a true legend.

Alfredo’s first appearance at the Amnesia club was in 1983 at a private party, and at first his sets were not well received. Nonetheless Alfredo persisted and in the next year he soon began to turn the situation round eventually having a 6-year residency at the club. His ecletic mix of house, disco and pop, being the spark that eventually drew the crowds. As the weeks went by the in-crowd of Ibiza began to relocate from the neighboring Ku-club, (now known as Privilege) to Amnesia.





1. Bill Withers 'Harlem '89' (Ben Liebrand Extended Remix)
2. MC Buzz B 'How Sleep The Brave'
3. A Guy Called Gerald 'Voodoo Ray' (Original Mix)
4. Black Box 'Ride On Time' Inst \ Loleatta Holloaway 'Love Sensation' (Acca)
5. Raul Orellana 'The Real Wild House'
6. Working Week 'El Dorado' (Paradise Mix)
7. Lil' Louis 'French Kiss' (Back Up Your Conversation Mix)
Adamski (Live PA With Ricardo Da Force on the mic):
8. ??? - piano
9. ???
10. Adamski 'NRG'
11. ???
12. Adamski 'A Brand New World'
13. Adamski 'You, Me, House'
(Jumps Back to) Alfredo:
14. Raul Orellana 'The Real Wild House'
15. Beatmasters 'Who's In The House'
16. Tyree 'Hardcore Hip House' ..what mix? ..is it (Deep Housetramental)
17. Richie Rich 'Salsa House'
18. Doctor Beat featuring WestBam 'Monkey Say, Monkey Do'
19. Amnesia 'Ibiza' \ ??? - "esta loca" poss The Latin Age 'Esta Loca' (Locapella) or Two Without Hats 'Try Yazz' (Webo Pella)
20. The Cure 'Lullaby'
21. Wang Chung 'Dance Hall Days' ...breifly


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